The sales industry is full of sales titles which often do not sufficiently describe one's skills and qualifications.

That is why four Nordic Sales member organizations have launched the EU Certification Programme, where you can be certified in 5 job levels within sales.

Ultimately this programme will ensure that you, as a sales professional, receive recognition and certification for your skills and qualifications. This, in turn, will strengthen your professional future.

You can be certified for the following five titles:

  1. Sales Director
  2. Sales Manager
  3. Key Account Manager
  4. Account Manager
  5. Sales Consultant



Possible further education or training

The price for the certification depends on your current skill level and the possible need for further education or training.
For that reason we make a personal assessment of all candidates.

The Scorecard Self-test is the first step on your journey towards certification.

It is very important that you answer the questions in the test truthfully and objectively. This ensures that you have the skills and qualifications to complete the certification process, which ends with an exam.

After you have taken the test, we will contact you about the certification process.

The test is available both in your native language and in English. Please be aware, that the results will also be in the chosen language.

The test will require you to register as a user, and to give us permission to store and use your data in the certification process.


After you have completed the Scorecard Self-test we will review your CV, qualifications and other skills.

The goal of the personal assessment is to determine whether you can proceed directly to the certification exam, orif further education or training is required before taking the certification exam.

The personal assessment will be conducted by a professional sales board in your own country.


The final step on your journey towards a EU certification in a specific sales title.


The exams will be a mixture of multiple-choice exams and case questions. The exam is designed to ensure, that your skills and abilities are consistant with the job title you wish to be certified in.

It is free to take the selftest and the price for the exam on the levels from sales consultant to sales manager is 475 DKK (aprox. 65 euros) for Business Danmark members and 950 DKK (aprox. 130 euros) for non-members of Business Danmark. 

The exam for sales director is an expanded case exam, and cost 2.250 DKK (aprox. 300 euros) for Business Danmark members and 4.500 DKK (aprox. 600 euros) for non-members. 

You will receive a diploma after successfully completing the exam.